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The Updates Page

Week Ending Film 'Television' Actors
20 Oct 2019     Unknown Female 125
      Unknown Female 94
      Unknown Male 243
      Unknown Male 244
      Unknown Male 245
13 Oct 2019 Casino (1995)   Carl Ciarfalio
      Richard Riehle
      Frank Vincent
      Joe Pesci
      Andy Jarrell
      Kevin Pollak
      Peter Paul Eastman
  Battle for the Planet of the Apes (1973)   Erlynn Mary Botelho
      Pat Cardi
      Colleen Camp
      Paul Williams
      Richard Eastham
      David Gerrold
      Paula Crist
      Paul Stevens
      Sam Nickens
      Arnold Roberts
  Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972)   Gordon Jump
      John Dennis
      Ron Pinkard
      Sam Chew Jnr
      Severn Darden
      Don Murray
      Gary Greene
      Jean Byron
      William Bassett
    'The Big Valley - Judgement in Heaven' (1965) Nicolas Surovy
    'The Big Valley - The Brawlers' (1965) Kay Stewart
      Lynn Loring
      Eleanor Audley
      Noreen Corcoran
06 Oct 2019   'The Avengers - The See-Through Man' (1967) Manny Weltman
    'The Adventures of Robin Hood - The Jongleur' (1956) Tom Willet
    'Steptoe and Son - The Siege of Steptoe Street' (1965)  
    'Steptoe and Son - Those Magnificent Men and their Heating Machines' (1965) Paul LeClair
    'Steptoe and Son - Crossed Swords' (1965) Robert Buckingham
    'Steptoe and Son - And Afterwards at...' (1965)  
    'Star Trek, Voyager - The 37's' (1995) Louis Ortiz
      Kerry Hoyt
29 Sep 2019   'Star Trek - Balance of Terror' (1966) Mel Winkler
    'Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em - The Employment Exchange' (1973) Ken DuMain
    'Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em - The Psychiatrist' (1973) Saverio LoMedico
    'Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em - The Hospital Visit' (1973) Buddy Gates
    'Bottom - Accident' (1991) Stephen Mines
    'Bottom - 's Up' (1991) George Sasaki
    'Bottom - Apocalypse' (1991)  
    'Bottom - Gas' (1991)  
    'Rising Damp - Clunk Click' (1977)  
    'Red Dwarf - The Last Day' (1989)  
    'Only Fools and Horses - Who's a Pretty Boy' (1983)  
    'Night Gallery - Midnight Never Ends / Brenda' (1971) Unknown Female 124
    'Bottom - Smells' (1991) Harriet Thorpe
      Unknown Male 292