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The Updates Page

Week Ending Film 'Television' Actors
30 Jun 2019 The Enforcer (1976)   Benjie Bancroft
      Unknown Male 61
      Anne Macey
      Adele Proom
      Joe Bellan
      Michael L Davis
      Rudy Ramos
23 Jun 2019   'The Forsyte Saga - Afternoon of a Dryad' (1967) John Bailey
    'The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin - The Great Project' (1978) Nick Pellegrino
    'The Black Arrow - The Stake' (1974) Alfred Wright
    'The Black Arrow - Trapped' (1974) Robert Manning
    'The Bill - Home Beat' (1985) Joseph La Cava
    'The Big Valley - The Guilt of Matt Bentell' (1965) Richard Niehaus
  Triple Cross (1966)       *Updated* 'The Avengers - Escape in Time' (1967) Shep Houghton
16 Jun 2019   'The Adventures of Robin Hood - The Alchemist' (1956)  
    'Steptoe and Son - The Lodger' (1964)  
    'Steptoe and Son - The Bond That Binds Us' (1964)  
    'Steptoe and Son - Sunday for Seven Days' (1964)  
    'Steptoe and Son - Steptoe a la Cart' (1964)  
    'Steptoe and Son - The Lead Man Cometh' (1964)  
    'Steptoe and Son - The Wooden Overcoats' (1964) Tommy Jenkins
    'Steptoe and Son - Homes Fit for Heroes' (1964) Allan Graf
    'Star Trek, Voyager - Learning Curve' (1995) Unknown Male 235
      Tim Culbertson
      Craig Lambert
      Beverly Nadeau
      Peggy Guon
      Joanne Ostro
      Ilona Wilson
      Allan Graf
      Lee Harrison
      Ken Greenbough
      Pepi Talbert
      Dave Kelly
      B J Jenkins
      Bob Bryant
      Eddie Wong
      Ray Nadeau
      Bob Mariani
      Wade Shannon
      Leonard Wolen
      Michael Grayson
    'Star Trek - The Conscience of the King' (1966) William Sargent
    'Rising Damp - Stage Struck' (1977)  
    'Red Dwarf - Timeslides' (1989) Ruby Wax
    'Poldark - Episode 13' (1975) Gordon Littmann
      Mona Harrison
      Bob Liddle
      Richard Donner