David Jason


Hogfather (2006)

The Colour of Magic (2008)

Come Rain Come Shine (2010)





'Doctor at Large'

Season 2 (1971)

'Open All Hours'   Season 1   (1973 - 1976)

The Pilot Episode

Full of Mysterious Promise

A Mattress on Wheels

A Nice Cosy Little Disease


Beware of the Dog

Well Catered Funeral

Apples and Self Service



Season 2 (1975)

Season 3 (1977)

Happy Release

No Peace for the Wicked

Pardon Me


'Open All Hours'   Season 2   (1981)

Laundry Blues

The Reluctant Traveller

Fig Biscuits and Inspirational Toilet Rolls

The New Suit


Arkwright's Mobile Store

Shedding at the Wedding

St Albert's Day


'Only Fools and Horses'           Season 1                     (1981)           

Big Brother

Go West Young Man

Cash and Curry

The Second Time Around


A Slow Bus to Chingford

The Russians Are Coming

Christmas Crackers

Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter

'Open All Hours'   Season 3   (1982)

An Errand Boy by the Ear

The Ginger Men

Duet for Solo Bicycle




'Only Fools and Horses'           Season 2                     (1982)           

The Long Legs of the Law

Ashes to Ashes

A Losing Streak

No Greater Love...


The Yellow Peril

It Never Rains....

A Touch of Glass

Diamonds Are for Heather

Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter

'Only Fools and Horses'           Season 3                     (1983)           


Healthy Competition

Friday the 14th

Yesterday Never Comes


May the Force Be with You


Who's a Pretty Boy?



Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter

'Only Fools and Horses'           Season 4                     (1985)           

Happy Returns





Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter

'Only Fools and Horses'           Season 5                     (1986)           

The Miracle of Peckham

The Longest Night



Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter

'Only Fools and Horses'           Season 6                     (1989)           

Yuppy Love





Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter

'Danger Mouse'  (1986) 

'A Bit of a Do'  (1989) 

'The Darling Buds of May'           Season 1                     (1991)           

The Darling Buds of May

When the Green Woods Laugh

A Breath of French Air

Christmas is Coming

Pop Larkin

'The Darling Buds of May'           Season 2                     (1992)           

Oh! To Be in England

Stranger at the Gates

A Season of Heavenly Gifts

Le Grand Weekend

Pop Larkin

'The Darling Buds of May'           Season 3                     (1993)           

The Happiest Days of Your Life

Cast Not Your Pearls Before Swine

Climb the Greasy Pole

Pop Larkin

'A Touch of Frost'

'The Colour of Magic'

'The Royal Bodyguard'

Season ? (2008)

Season 1 (2008)

Season 1 (2011)


The Colour of Magic





'Still Open All Hours'           Season 1                     (2013 - 2015)           

Pilot Episode

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4